About OM Shandong 2016 - 2019

During my world travels, upon my return to Dali, I stayed at OM Shandong —— a small-scale experimental community of world travelers. Intuitively, I knew this was where I needed to stay.

To me, OM Shandong is a “Bodhimanda” (a circle of enlightenment), a place which intertwines dreams and the practice of self awareness. I also take this place as a home, free and full of love.

Over the past five years, people who’ve passed through here, either long-term or for short stays, decided to return…This flowing lifestyle, intimate, independent, and jointly created by people of different backgrounds, follows a simple and autonomic rhythm, while also being rich in experimentation and theatricality. Out here, we live, create, practice self-awareness, and share the love and light, impromptu and in earnest.

Petr once told me that, Om is the most primal sound of the universe, which connects all things together in existence. Shandong (Chinese for “cave”) is a place for spiritual practice and lives with the earth and the heavens. This is why I call it OM Shandong. I hope that the people who’ve stayed or lived here, can get clarity of themselves.

For nearly three years, I have been living in this place, hoping that it can be documented for future times to come, considering how, in China, a place like this is incredibly precious.